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L’affumicatura delle uve - Il video amatoriale dimostra come in pochi minuti si riesce ad ottenere del fumo dal camino che invade la stanza di appassimento delle uve. Ricordo che questa stanza è visitabile da Novembre a Febbraio presso la nostra azienda su prenotazione sia singola che di gruppi.

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Read more...The Wild Cherry has been known for centuries throughout the Montefeltro district, perhaps introduced by migrants from the east, who settled in our territory after the Plague of 1300 that decimated the workforce in the Marche feudal areas.

The spontaneous plant has a bush-like appearance due to the yearly shoots that stem straight from the roots, then eliminated to strengthen the main stalk that grows to impressive heights (even 8/10 metres) when grown separately in a palace with enough sun exposure, the leaves are small, elongated and drop-shaped, dark green in colour; the fruit is dark red and, as the internal pulp during ripening, with a sour pip, rich in tannin.

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Read more...The Altar Wine of Sant’Angelo in Vado is not only the fruit of attentive working of the fields and careful management of decennial vineyards, but, above all, a meticulous harvesting and processing of the grapes.
This very manual processing of berries after desiccation places the LA MONTATA Estate wine quality on a different milieu with respect to others in their research for the best results from the grapes.
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Read more...Many stories have been told of the age-old origins of “Vino Santo”: myths and popular beliefs have been handed down from the early 15th Century, when it was thought that such a namesake came from the old habit of siphoning off the Easter drink during Holy Week.
Other legends claim that the name ‘Vino Santo’ was given when Cardinale Bessarione, after having tasted the wine, compared it to Xantos, maybe drawing a parallel to the Greek Island for the fruit and blossom scent of the wine, or even from the Greek adjective that means yellow, amber, just like the tonalities of this essence.
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The age-old origins of Vino Santo
Age-old techniques and Secrets long forgotten.
Wild Cherry Wine
L’affumicatura delle uve