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The only smoked Passito in the world

AS early as the fifteenth century the wine makers

of Sant’Angelo in Vado were purveyors of the Holy See;

they supplied Vino Santo, outstanding produce of the Vado hills.

The Vino Santo of Sant’Angelo In Vado is typified,

as sanctioned by secular tradition, by the drying up of grapes in large kitchens,

dominated by the fireplace. Sweet wine, golden hued,

at times bordering on amber, delicate and elegant;

a wine renown for its singular ability to lead to meditation and elicit

unique and pleasurable sensations, with aromas that range from honey to ripe fruit,

from blossoms to amiable smoke-scented.

“Sant’Angelo in Vado’s Vino Santo,
Noble Nectar of Ancient Origins”
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