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Image The grape and wine producing La MONTATA Estate is located in the northern area of Sant’Angelo in Vado, within the Province of Pesaro-Urbino in the Montefeltro Region and is part of the MASSA TRABARIA district in the Upper Valley of Metauro.

Entirely sheltered from the northerly winds, part of its vineyards stand at an altitude of approx. 400m above sea level, with a S-S-W exposure that enjoys , in summer, the cool Apennine which lowers the humidity level, typical of the area , in very hot days and in September, an exceptional temperature drift Imagewhich is ideal in the exaltation of the perfumes.

The most important plant for the future development of the firm is located at about 8 km from the town at about 500 metres above sea level in an area known as CAPANNE on very favourable grounds for viticulture, with optimal exposure and ventilation.

The established and new cépage variety includes Trebbiano Toscano, Biancame, Sauvignon, Bruni Cross for Whites; Sangiovese, Alicante, Aleatico, Montepulciano for the Reds. Yet the singular trait of our firm is the preservation of buds from the old vinesImage of the area in order to maintain the features of the plants which make for the unique output of truly outstanding wines.
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