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This firm’s mission, ever since its birth, is to introduce exclusive products, the “niche” as some would have it, transmitting the great passion for wines to the end result, in full awareness of the unique outcome.

ImageUnique, the term that best expresses passion.

Unique... because it is part and parcel of our territory.

Unique ... because every year it is fruit of the “terroir” and unrepeatable.
Unique... because of the constant desire to improve in time.
Unique...because a new wine testifies to a long standing project.
Unique...because after tasting our wines....
... you’ll understand why.
The future is the willingness to keep searching, restoring, or better still, promote our territory, its history, its traditions... and its products.
The projects involve planting new vines which will allow our limited output to gain recognition and appreciation whilst scrupulously maintaining the craftsmanship though which our wines will keep their standing in time.
We will keep offering genuine , real, natural wines, without filtering so as not to sacrifice character, the Vado personality ... and if it is not a good year ... we will reduce production and some of the wines will not be bottled unless if they do not meet the desired standards.
From the same soil that gives the Precious White Truffle, comes a white wine that accompanies it ... into the kitchen and extols its versatility ... where else, if not in Sant’Angelo in Vado would one expect this to happen?
And where ... will the Passito Rosso wine come back, if not to Sant’Angelo in Vado, principal location of the Massa Trabaria district, where it was produced for centuries...
LA MONTATA Estate is bent on making all this real and to lead these Vado hills into the production for which they’re best endowed ... wine.
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Our Future, Projects
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